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 " ...Benita is a women on a mission and I am so excited about the new part of her brand - empowering women with solutions, tools, training  and techniques..."                                               

                                                                                                                                                               Diane Cunningham

                                                       CEO & Founder of

National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Benjamin Franklin once said," An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."  BIS  would like to share with you some of our favorite go to resources; that have been very helpful in obtaining greater clarity, encouragement and purpose along our journey. I believe knowledge is power and is the best investment you can make in yourself and business. I have chosen this particular list of resources  because of  the concepts, content and information found in each book  can be taken and applied to fit any industry to create, impact and inspire that environment. To purchase any of these resources from click on each book listed.

"...Mrs. Benita has been a great example of leadership and a great mentor, it was a great experience to work with you. I learned a lot from the time I was given and the opportunity... it has helped me along the way."

                                                        Veronica Perez

                                                       Preschool Educator

"What can I say about Mrs. Benita. She is so awe inspiring, every- time I hear her speak she is so charismatic . She inspires me to live my life with purpose. I'm touched by her compassion to help others and the way she reaches out  and shares her story and inspires you to want to do more and live a life of purpose.She is such a gift on stage. I highly recommend seeing her speak."

                                                               Tara Hooper

                                                 Mrs. North Texas International CEO &

                                                          Founder of The Style Signature

                                                                  Image & Beauty

   "Once in a while you encounter people that naturally inspires you and makes an impact on your life and business. Benita Ibrahim is definitely one of those people.As a personal and business consultant, her powerful leadership skills and step by step mentorship will motivate you and your team to take necessary steps that will bring you the results that you deserve."

                                                               Dr. Enaka Yembe MD

                                                     Author of Grow to Success


" What I like about Benita Ibrahim Solutions, is her ability to lead,motivate and inspire others. What I took back to my learning culture was a renewed focus, vision and excitement to lead my classroom, staff and faculty as well. If you are an Instructor, Administrator, Director or Student an would like to motivate your learning culture; I recommend Benita Ibrahim Solutions."

Dr. Aletha Daniels

Educator for the Arlington Independent School District


Available Spring 2016

" I would recommend BIS to any entrepreneur, student, teacher- anybody striving for greatness and  desires to give back and be active in their community. BIS is perfect for the individual or company that wants to perform better and climb higher. They touch the heart of leaders."

                                                            Khristian Micheals

                                                    CEO of Forever K Micheals

                                                             Designer Eyewear