*   We will share strategies and offer tools to help you find

    better methods to motivate and develop strong leaders

*   We will help you create a more efficient company

     culture through assessing the areas YOU feel are out

     of alignment

*   Show you how to eliminate the "Revolving Door

     Syndrome" in your center

*   We will show you how to have a happy center and

      remove drama and chaos

*  We will share how  learning to out serve  your staff      

     and  clients creates a deeper loyalty

*   We will discuss the 10 Commandments of Professionalism

      and why they are imperative for growth and longevity in

      daycare industry

   Our training classes are fun, up-beat and will help you uncover and value character strengths in your team to become the strong, competitive, productive organization you always knew you could be.

   BIS workshops are designed to rejuvenate your passion, redefine your focus and help you reconnect with strategic goals to elevate your vision and  grow your team.

    We will arm you with new  approaches to lead strong and transform your environment. In order to change your environment as a leader you must change the way you think! We love working with community builders that no longer want to except mediocrity but are innovative professionals and visionaries that believe we are better together!


   Benita's intimate  authentic real life stories of her challenges and triumphs of overcoming obstacles when the odds  were stacked against her; of being in foster-care system, orphanages, domestic violence and  being homeless to becoming a best- selling

author, speaker, educator, Philanthropist and being an advocate for Women, children and youth.

   As she speaks be prepared to laugh and expect to have some fun as she shares with students how  overcoming obstacles and hardships in life can    bring out your potential and greatness. "Life chat"  topics are 30-45 minutes long and are perfect for elementary, youth and emergent students. Life Chats
are inspirational education that creates a intentional clarity that your situation does not determine your destiny!

   "Life chats"are fun interactive, inspirational stories (talks) that are raw, authentic -that will tug at your heart and move you to create a call to action as a student and change your prospective as a leader to
to impact, encourage,inspire , build confidence and educate our future leaders.

  Retreats coming soon for, daycare Directors and staff, administrators, educators, instructors, youth/students and women's organizations. Be Refresh and enjoy a time away while obtaining training in a tranquil atmosphere connecting as a team and refocus.


   If your elementary, junior high or high school, women's organization, leadership group, daycare training and management, educators, administrators or instructors.  This is for you!  We are excited that you desire to be a community builder and be that change agent and solution that will ignite, inspire and impact our future leaders through having her come speak to your group!

  If you would like Benita to speak at your school or event, please contact her by filling out the contact form listed on the CONTACT page. Someone will contact you within 24 hours.

*  Serving others through your  adversity's 

*  WATCH ME!(interactive)

*  Impossible to I'M POSSIBLE!

*  Be the solution 

*  I am homeless

*  Each one teach one

*  Failing is a part of success


Inspirational Speaking

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

                                                 Maya Angelou