What is it?

   The Align Program  is a 6 week interactive staff participation program on leadership education and professionalism. We  help you redefine the strategies that work best for YOUR team and establish the solution(s) that will enable you to move forward,be uniquely you and impact your audience  in a big way.


      How it works:

*  Each week you will be asked       to observe and  collectively give feedback regarding areas
   needing  Alignment.


*  You we  will discuss your findings,then create a plan of  action(s) for you to execute with  your team. You will be given challenges to implement to improve the areas that need
Alignment and discuss if the plan in action has changed  productivity and performance or  if has remained the same.You will record the information in your

 workbook for future reference.

*  At the end of the 6 weeks, you  will  share  the changes with your group.   We will discuss how implementing these changes has caused your team to be more   Aligned and have a clearer vision of how to BE BETTER TOGETHER!






1-10 50- UP


      If you want to impact, inspire and completely change the level of enthusiasm in your industry and create a better atmosphere in your classroom, office, center or organization. If you want your team to passionately love what they do through cultivating relationships and building stronger communities while obtaining helpful information in a fun interactive way. The Align Program is for YOU!  To sign up, fill out fields listed and submit. Your team will be glad you did. Registration will be starting soon!

Why was it created?

  The Align Program was created to help leaders in their industry navigate through the bumpy roads of emotion and the sometimes scary uncertainty of leading a team in business.  Although, starting and building a business can be rewarding, understanding the nuts and bolts of running a business can be overwhelming and challenging. Whether you have experience or just starting; I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made in starting my own business 23 years ago.

Owning and operating a daycare facility for over 20 years, I have a soft spot for small business owners and daycare center directors and their staff. I  understand the challenges and struggles you face first hand and I want to help you feel good again about your vision of starting and building your own business.

AlignProgram will help you find solutions that are strategically designed to get your business Aligned with a hands on approach that builds creative confidence, elevates growth and  eliminates "The Revolving Door Syndrome."

                WE'RE GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW TO...

                    you do again.

                   productivity and stamp out infectious drama in your company culture.

                   media platforms and how they can move your industry forward.

                   effective leader can boost morale and build strong relationships within.

                   how to value differences and properly use a persons  natural abilities and

                   leadership styles to drive productivity and succeed together.



    Are you ready to get your team ALIGNED?

Get in Alignment and BE BETTER TOGETHER!