Benita Ibrahim

Years of experience: 23


  • Consulting
  • Strategic Mentoring 
  • Leadership Education/ Management
  • Inspirational Speaker

Meet  Benita

Our Vision

    We strive to help business owners, educators,administrators student/youth,directors, instructors and those in leadership; create an atmosphere for others to excel and  become more successful. Through sharing  real- authentic lighthearted stories that are full of humor that will move and inspire you. We will  help you develop the right solution for you that will help you to create, impact and inspire your leaders and future leaders of tomorrow.

   When strong leaders produce positive leaders, there is a contagious boost in company culture morale, improvement in productivity, organization, employee relations and a greater self awareness and discovery of purpose.

     A recognized industry leader, Benita's passion is to empower those that want to leverage their knowledge of success and elevate their focus. Benita believes the secret to success is loving what you do and creating positive relationships with- in that environment; because relationships are our greatest asset and currency in life. 
Benita Ibrahim, is a small business owner for over 23 years  she's an author, speaker, leadership educator, mentor and consultant. She is the founder and director of a daycare facility in Texas. One of her favorite mantras is: to be the best version of you- you can be. Equipping, leading,inspiring and mentoring our future leaders of tomorrow  is one of her greatest passions.

   An in demand consultant, speaker, leadership educator and mentor; Benita has been featured in HOPE For Women Magazine, The Northwood Idea, Tribute Magazine,USA First Council of Camp Fire and Tarrant County College Reach Magazine Alumni spotlight for her leadership in business and empowerment of women. She was also a recipient of the 2014 Women Who Inspire Award from HOPE Magazine for her Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy work in her community. In 2013 recipients for this prestigious award were Oprah, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton just to name a few. She has been a radio show host and interviewed on  a variety of radio shows.

    Her love for education and motivating our future generation is evident in the community and how she spends her time. In 2013 she received the Educators Award  for her contribution to the education of youth in the community. In her leisure time you can find her, giving back to the community, at her sons soccer game yelling in the stands, grazing neighborhood garage sales,having tea on the patio or watching movies with her family.

    She currently sits on The Board of Directors of The ALC at Northwood University in Cedar Hill, Texas since 2011. She was also given the honor of being a Judge for the IPAC YouthPageant in 2015.  She currently sits on the Board of Directors of Finding Faith Within, an organization that focuses on domestic violence and abuse among teens and adults. She is a featured writer for Thriving Women In Business Magazine. She was currently appointed Community Relations Commission by the Arlington City Council for a two year term. She is a best-selling author and has co- author several books, including The Rock Bottom Is a Beautiful Place book series Vol. 1,2, & 3. The book series are powerful stories of  inspiration and triumph from amazing women all over the world. She was also a co-author in the Behind Her Brand Entrepreneur  Edition Vol. 3 book series. She is currently finishing a  children's book series called "Penelope Pencil" and completing one on Professionalism.