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  • Women's groups
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Institutions we love working with to build stronger communities!

   Welcome to BIS!  We are super excited to celebrate with you on your decision to embark on building a daycare business that will nurture, strengthen, impact, and inspire our future leaders! What you do is vital to the growth of our community. And we can help walk you through the process of becoming a "community builder".

   What's a community builder? You ask, a powerful family partner that provides  quality, affordable, nurturing atmosphere to children, students and youth in the community. Whether you're a center, in-home or an organization we want to help you succeed.

   We will help create, impact, inspire and educate community builders to find solutions that are right for their unique communities needs. Through inspirational education, management and mentoring to empower emergent future leaders and start-ups.

   Every industry needs someone to help them to understand  state regulations, mandates and interpret  daycare "lingo" - that can sometimes be very confusing and intimidating.

Minimum standards, being  listed, registered, licensed, policies and procedures, menus, ratios, fall zones etc. Whether you sell products, provide a service or need mentoring. BIS is the solution for you.

Our Services

Our Clients are community builders that are ordinary people doing extraordinary things!


BIS offers instruction in:




   BIS is a consulting,  management and mentoring community; where we partnership, connect and inspire leaders through leadership education and professionalism.

  When I first started my business there wasn't a lot of help for small businesses in my industry. I learned a lot on my own and made a lot of mistakes.

I want to help you avoid the unnecessary mistakes I made and give you the  information and tools you need to create a thriving facility that you can be proud of!

We will show you how to manage, lead and educate your team. We will arm them with the knowledge they need to build confidence, strong leadership skills and renew your vision and find solutions that are right for YOUR daycare and are unique to your facility.


Emergent future community leaders!

    We want to help you get-up and running, build your DREAMS and maximize your company's performance for longevity. Schedule a consultation appointment with one of our BIS resource experts so we can determine what your unique needs and specialties are and how we can help.

    BIS can help you navigate through the uncharted waters of the unknown and help get your team Aligned. But you don't know where to start? No problem, we've gotcha covered!  We'll help you understand what it takes to open your doors and your arms to embrace this new journey of pouring into these little ones and becoming a community builder.

   There's HOPE!!! I have been where you are... reading countless hours of state policies and standards. Wondering how in the WORLD to decipher through all the unfamiliar jargon that can leave you feeling- frustrated, hopeless, overwhelmed and exhausted. and growing a business can be scary, but you don't have to experience it alone. As a consultant with over 20 years of experience, I believe obtaining and gaining the knowledge you need for success is never achieved by just one person, but rather we  can achieve it together.

All results obtained may vary, specific outcomes may not occur.

"I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act"

                                    Bill Gates




               BIS Consulting is a great fit for:

  •   Daycare start-ups, operations &  procedures
  •   Staff and client alignment
  •   Inspirational education
  •   Emerging community builders
  •   Student/Youth character building
  •   Boosting company culture morale
  •   Leaders that want to transform their team to

               work better together and be more productive